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Endgame Empathy - Practice Intentional Self-Empathy

It Gives You the Opportunity to be FearlesslyYourself

Why Did I Create Endgame Empathy?

Every time two or more people get together to achieve a common goal we have a team.  Teams connected through empathy not only achieve goals, they are happier and more motivated. It is my mission to create these kind of teams!

I have 13 years experience creating highly effective, inclusive, empathic teams where each teammate understands their values, priorities and how to keep themselves and others motivated.

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My name is Helene, and I built Endgame Empathy to make teams happier, more confident, successful, trusting and connected. From over 13 years of teaching teamwork and leadership I've learned most people don't like working on teams, but it is because they haven't had transformative teambuilding and leadership training. During the pandemic, I kept hearing about athletic teams, school students, and professionals feeling a lack of connection to their teammates and peers, oftentimes telling me that they felt isolated, unheard, unknown and lacking in motivation.  Humans are hard-wired to need connection.  Connection makes us happier, more motivated, less isolated, more confident and more able to successfully work with our teammates for desired outcomes. 
Remote teams are not going away, and even in person teams need meaningful time set aside to fuel connection. We function as a team every time we work with someone else for a common goal.  We must connect.  We must own our strengths.  We must grow trust through empathy.  
I am open to speaking to groups about how to develop teams that center self-empathy, understanding your strengths, and learning how to own your strengths to enable others.  Teams can be developed to  find joy in working together so that there is greater success, problem solving, innovation and inclusivity.  Individuals who practice self-empathy in groups will grow teams that center empathy, trust, connection and authenticity.
I am happy to discuss how I help individuals or teams to own their strengths, develop self-empathy, find their passions, create plans to effectuate goals, and learn how to develop their own brand of leadership.  
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