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We must appreciate our strengths and those of the people around us to influence change.  Understanding your strenths, values and motivations requires self-empathy.  With self-empathy, you can collaborate in ways that allow yourself and others to lean into authencity to create connections that bring us happiness and success.

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Helene Klein speaks on her over two decades of experience working with University students and the importance of empathy. She feels as if too little people value themselves as much as they should and that they should always stay true to yourself. Helene Klein is the Assistant Dean of Honors and Accelerated Programs at Arcadia University. Helene started at Arcadia 22 years ago, and has been the director of the Honors Program for the last 13 years ago. The current program has a deep focus on demystifying leadership; making it something we can all attain simply by appreciating the best of ourselves and bringing that knowledge to bear on teams. Moreover, Helene believes that teams are best served when students of all ages are taught to develop cognitive empathy to deepen trust and connection. Helene graduated from Muhlenberg College in 1989, got her law degree from Widener University School of Law in 1992 and received a Masters of Education from Arcadia in 2000. Helene is so honored to be part of this Arcadia TEDx tradition that so many amazing students over the years have worked tirelessly to create, and she is deeply grateful to the incredible Celeste Walker for her dedication in bringing this wonderful opportunity to the program This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community

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Helene’s ability to connect, support, encourage and empathize is unparalleled. Whether it's applied to supporting an idea, inspiring creativity, accepting or appreciating uniqueness, or propagating a feeling of unity, her efforts are inexhaustive. I’m eternally grateful for the guidance, insight and mentorship Helene provides to all who meet her.
Helene’s development and instruction of The Study of Self and Teams, is tailored to maximize the benefit of each student as an individual progressing through the course. I’ve gained insight and appreciation of group dynamics and individuals’ strengths from metacognitive and self-reflective activities and feel more confidence than ever in my ability to guide a cohesive, effective team. 

-Amy Stringer, Medical Student, Temple University School of Medicine

Helene is without a doubt the most influential teacher and mentor that I've had in my life.  Every student she takes under her wing can instantly feel the passion she has for developing others.  Her ability to coach students through action taught me valuable time management, leadership and organizations skills I use every day.  Anywhere she goes Helene can foster a community, helping others to understand the necessity and true power of teamwork.

- Joe Spearot, Entrepreneur and Quality Manager, First State Brew House

I can honestly say I would not be the leader or person I am today without the program lead by Helene Klein. The program gave me avenues to explore the strengths I knew already had, but more importantly it helped me develop what I thought were my weaknesses into strengths. Helene helped guide me into opportunities to develop those strengths and gave me the confidence to pursue them when I thought I was not capable. Despite the large number of students in the program, it always felt personally tailored to me and gave me the opportunities that I needed to grow. Because of the program, I can now speak in front of hundreds of people with confidence, plan large events, communicate my needs and goals in a professional environment, and lead diverse teams. 

- Claire Murtha, Law Student, Editor-in-Chief, Dickinson Law Review

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